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  •  The regulation herein specified apply to both FULL-TIME, PART-TIME, Collaborative and Sponsored Post-Graduate Programmes, offered by the Birla Institute Of Technology, hereinafter, referred to as the Institute. Department, Centre, Collaborative Institute, wherever mentioned refers to a Department / Extension Centre of Institute/Collaborating Institute with whom MOU/ Agreement has been signed by the Institute. The Extension center(s), Collaborating Institute may be located anywhere in India or outside the Country.
  •  At present, the Institute is offering the following Post Graduate Programmes: M.E., M.Pharm., M.Tech., M.C.A., M.Sc. and M.B.A.
  •  These programmes are correlated courses of study, the successful completion of which enable the participants of the programmes to qualify for the award of a PostGraduate Certificate/ a Post-Graduate Diploma/ a Master’s Degree in the appropriate branch depending on the academic achievement of the participants. In the case of Collaborative Exchange Programme, if any, the participant may qualify for the award of appropriate Degrees of both the Institute, if so agreed upon by the Institute.
  •  A participant of the programme is a student who registered himself/herself with the Institute for a course of study and attends the same.
  •  Full-time programmes are those programmes where the participants devote their entire available time for the studies and research work as per schedule and are not employed, except in the case of sponsored candidates.
  •  Part-time programmes are those programmes where the participants are employed and where they devote only Part of time for the Post- graduate studies.
  •  Collaborative programmes/ collaborative Exchange programmes are those programmes where the participants pursue any programme of studies, approved by the Technical Council/ Board of Governor of the Institute either fully or partly in other Indian/Foreign Institute with whom an appropriate MOU/ similar agreement have been signed by the Institute. The Collaborating Institute where the participant(s) pursue partly/fully any programme of studies, will be known as the Host Institute(s).
  •  Sponsored Programmes are those Programmes which are specific Postgraduate Programmes tailored to the needs of the Sponsoring Agency for a certain defined period and group of participants

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