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The research funding and industrial interactions of the institute are managed by the Sponsored Research and Consultancy Cell (SRCC) and headed by the Dean (SR). The SRCC has an Advisory Committee to advise the Dean (SR) on issues related to the activities, policies and initiatives taken by SRCC for expanding research facility and incentivizing researchers of our Institute. The committee meets regularly to improve research environment in the institute. The recommendation of the committee, approved by the vice chancellor and implemented in the institute under the guidance of the Dean (SR).

Presently the Advisory Committee consists of following

1. Dean (SR)                           - Chairman

2. Dean (AP)                           - Member

3. HOD (ECE)                          - Member

4. HOD (Pharmacy)                   - Member

5. Prof in Charge                     - Member

6. Associate Dean (SR)           - Member

7. Assistant Registrar (SR)     - Member Secretary