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Laboratories’ List:

  1. Basic Electronics Lab.
  2. Control System & Instrumentation
  3. Analog Circuits Design Lab.
  4. Digital Circuits Design Lab.
  5. VLSI Lab.
  6. DSP Lab.
  7. DSP Processers Hardware.
  8. Microprocessor and Micro-controller lab
  9. Analog Communication Lab.
  10. Digital Communication Lab.
  11. Optical Communication Lab.
  12. Microwaves Engineering Lab.
  13. Antenna Design Lab.


To give students exposure to software based designing, the department has well equipped laboratories with latest I 7 Intel PC’s having software simulation tools like:-

  2. Spectrum Analyzer with tracking generator (6 ghz).
  3. Vector Network Analyzer ZVL 13.6 Make Rohde & Schwarz.
  4. IP Telephony Setup (AVAYA AURA).
  5. Xilinx's ISE Foundation for VLSI design.
  6. Code Composure Studio for DSP,
  7. Lab view with ELVIS Hardware.
  8. NI MY DAQ Card 5 Bundel.
  9. Adavnce Pneumatic Trainer With PLC with compresser.
  10. U-Tube manometer.
  11. HFSS Antenna Simulator.
  12. OPTI Fiver Software.
  13. MATLAB.
  15. COMSIM.
  16. System Vue,
  17. Open IT Guru.
  18. SUSE-V10.
  19. Ethernal Network Analyzer.
  20. Network Simulator, etc.
  21. The microwave lab is also equipped with microwave test bench in X-band and Microstrip trainer kit in S- band..


BIT Jaipur Campus Students won NEI IDEA FACTORY CONTEST 2018-2019

The National Engineering Industries Ltd organised NEI IDEA FACTORY CONTEST 2018-2019 on 18th April 2019. BIT Jaipur Campus students won the contest and got a cash prize amount of RS 1 lakh and an internship offer of 2 months .