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International Journals:
  1. Vishal S. Chauhan and Ashok Misra, “Effects of Strain Rate and Elevated Temperatures on Electromagnetic Radiation Emission during Plastic Deformation and Crack Propagation in ASTM B 265 Grade 2 Titanium Sheets”, Journal of Materials Science 43 (2008) 5634-5643. 
  2. R.K. Misra, Sandeep Kumar, K.Sandeep and Ashok Misra, “Dynamic Analysis of Banana Fibers Reinforced high-density polyethylene/poly (Î-caprolactone) composites”, Journal of Mechanics of Materials and structures , 3 (2008) 107 –126.
  3. R.K.Misra, Sandeep Kumar, K. Sandeep, Ashok Misra, “Some Experimental and Theoretical investigations on Fire Retardant Coir/Epoxy Micro-composites”, Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials,  21 (2008) 71 - 101.