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All degree schemes offered are modular and structured to allow a gradual development of knowledge and skills. During the first two years of B.E. Programme, students follow a syllabus of core engineering modules, which are common to all branches of engineering, plus some modules that are specific to the degree scheme. The courses also have a wide practical element based on the lecture modules, including laboratory work, team projects and industrial tours and seminars.

In addition, every student carries out a professional project in their final years. The professional project gives students a chance to apply their engineering skills to a real engineering problem. Many professional projects are industrially driven or linked, giving students direct exposure to industry as part of their studies. There is also a strong tutorial system, which provides students with a point of contact with a member of staff who can advise on welfare issues as well.

Under Graduate Programme:

The Bachelor in Engineering (B. E.) in Mechanical Engineering at BIT Mesra is a four-year programme which is offered at BIT'S Deoghar and Patna extension centre.

Post Graduate Programmes: (2 Years)

The Department offers a two-year Masters in Mechanical Engineering in three specializations - M.E. in Heat Power Engineering, M.E. in Design of Mechanical Equipment, M.E. in Computer Aided Analysis & Design and M.Tech in Energy Technology.

Course Structure and Syllabus:

Master of Technology

Doctoral Programmes:

Ph.D. degrees are offered by the Department in Mechanical Engineering related disciplines as well as multi-disciplinary fields.