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For decades now, the Campus Recruitment Programme of BIT has been an example for several other institutions by catering well to the demands of the industry.

The Campus Recruitment Programme is organized as a central activity for BIT students from all centres at the Mesra Campus and also separately at the Jaipur, Noida, Kolkata & Patna Campuses.

With their diverse yet in depth technical knowledge and well rounded soft skills, BIT students have been known for their healthy contribution to any firm they become a part of. They have, with dazzling confidence added to the success of their organisation and made it proud. Employers connected with BIT confirm the same, and their love and respect for the capable BIT students is reflected in their consecutive campus recruitment drives. The satisfaction they gain from a well nurtured, all  rounder BITians is, without any exaggeration, unparalleled.
Whether a firm requires candidates for internship or fresh talent for recruitments, the BIT Placement Office is always ready to facilitate their search through the well structured Campus Recruitment Programme.

The Placement Office, along with a team of qualified Student Placement Coordinators extends its hearty welcome to all the esteemed corporations who participate in our campus recruitment Programme. We congratulate you all and look forward towards meeting you.


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