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The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering started with the B.E. programme in 2007 at the Off-Campus Deoghar in collaboration with the Government of Jharkhand. It is a four-year programme conducted in eight semesters.

The course has been designed to provide students a strong foundation, in theory, to equip them with skills that are necessary to grasp and develop new technologies. The faculty members are dedicated to maintaining a high quality of teaching and always encourage innovative research. 

The Department is dedicated to the current needs of industry with the flexibility to tune its programmes according to different requirements. Application of new technology in various fields is one of the main focuses in the activities of the department.

The laboratories provide hands-on experience of the significant principles discussed in the classroom and also extend facilities of electrical equipment testing in and around Deoghar area. The various laboratories in the department are:

1. Basic Electrical Engineering Lab

2. Electrical Machines Lab

3. Power Electronics Lab

4. Measurement & Instrumentation Lab

5. Control System Lab

6. Power Systems Lab

7. Simulation Lab

8. Advanced Power Electronics Lab

9. Digital Signal Processing Lab

10. Electrical Workshop




Dr. Pankaj Mishra

Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

+91-07463881140, 9470131287



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