Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Assistant Professor , Management
Ph.D, MBA, B.Sc
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Residence Address Kishore Ganj Rd No-1 Ranchi Jharkhand
Permanent Address Kishore Ganj Rd No-1Ranchi Jharkhand
Phone (Office) 06512275233
Phone Residence 2213601
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   Joined Institute on : 13-Apr-2002

  Work Experience
Teaching : 11 Years

Research : 5 Years

Individual: 2 Years

  Professional Background
  • Six Months work experience in (Net Master) as a Customer relation Officer, at Vishakapatnam (August 2000 to January 2001).
  • Business Executive in Jharkhand Yellow Information Pages at Ranchi (March 2001 to June 2001).
  • Area Sales Officer in Live Guard Engg. (p) Ltd, Delhi based company at Ranchi (July 2001 to April 2002).
  • Research Associate in BIT, Mesra (Dept of Mgt) (May 2002 to 2004) have done project of DSIR, Ministry of India, New Delhi.
  • Sr. Research Associate in Department of Management, BIT Mesra, Ranchi (May2006 to May 2009)
  • Associate Lecturer in Department of Management, BIT Mesra, Ranchi July 2009 to June 2016.
  •  Currently working as a Assistant Professor in Department of Management, BIT Mesra, Ranchi June 2016 to Till date.

List of projects supervised (First- Degree/Higher-Degree/ Ph.D thesis)

  • For 3 weeks relating to market share of consumer products (i.e Soap Detergent, Shampoo) News Papers, TV& Refrigerators (Durable products) by the people of Vishakapatnam.
  • Marketing projects undertaken in Ranchi Dairy Ranchi with consideration to Management of Distribution Channel of Dairy product at Ranchi Dairy Ranchi (04/05/2000 to 19/06/2000).

Details of involvement in sponsored projects by any Government Agency or Industry:

  • Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi has sponsored a project on Technology Management titled “Integration of Business Strategies with Technological Strategies of a Large Scale Public Sector Organization and its Influence of their Small and Medium Scale Suppliers”.  Final Project Report Submitted in 2005


  • Teaching Areas

Management Principles and Practices (MBA- Students)

Marketing Management (UG-BE-Students)

Principles of Management (UG-BE-Students)

Business Ethics ( PG Students(MBA) and UG-Students(BE))

Total Quality Management (Diploma Students)


  Research Areas

Management of Technology


Research Publications
International (Refereed Journal)

1.Anand Pd. Sinha, Sanjeev Kr. Srivastava, Rohit Kr. Pandey, Asthana, Ashok  (2019). Identification and Validation of CRM Factors on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in the Mid-Market Segments of the Hotel Industry. International Journal of Research in Advent Technology, Vol.7, No.11, pp.12-19,E-ISSN: 2321-9637 ,(Publons -WEB OF SCIENCE)

2. Srivastava, S.K., Chandra, B., Sinha, A.P. (2018). Effectiveness of Knowledge Management on Customer Relationship Management in Hotel Business Performance. Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism, Volume 6(30),pp.1277- 1288.(SCOPUS Indexed)

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5.Sinha A.P., Jha P.C., (2016), “Strategic Planning and Technology Management: A Case of Open Cast Mining Industry at Central Coalfields Limited. in the   state of Jharkhand, International journal of science & Engineering development Research , Vol-1,Issue-4,pp. 250 – 257, IJSDR, Gujrat. April-2016.

6.Sinha.A.P. Roy. Supriyo., (2016), “Technology Management and its Implementations - a study with Central Coalfields Limited in Jharkhand State” ,    International Journal of Advanced Information Science and Technology , Vol-48,Issue-48,pp. 45-63. IJAIST, Singapore , (SCOPUS Indexed)

7. Sinha.A.P. Roy. Supriyo (2015),Strategic Planning towards Effective Management of New Technology in Open Cast Mines” , International Journal of  Emerging Technologies in Computational and Applied Sciences (IJETCAS) ,Vol- 3,Issue-11,pp.247-254.USA.(Scopus Indexed)

8. Sinha.A.P. (2014), “The Need And Effectiveness of Innovative Planning and in Technology Planning: A Special Study of Central Coalfields Ltd.”  SAARANSH,RKG, Journal of Management ,An International Bi-annual Refereed Research  Journal ,Vol- 5,Issue-2 , pp.35-38,RKG,JIT, Gaziabad.

9. Sinha A.P., Jha P.C., (2013) “ The problems of public sector enterprises in Management of Technology” International Journal of Engineering, Business and  Enterprise Applications (IJEBEA) ,Vol -5,Issue-1,pp.105-107,USA.(Scopus Indexed)  

10.Sinha. A.P., Jha. P.C., (2012). “The effectiveness of New Technology Planning and its Implementation in Central Coalfields Ltd. A Case Study” ., Journal of   Business and Management, published by, International organization Scientific Research, (USA),Vol -4,Issue-2, pp. 33-40. 

(National Journal )

  1. Sinha.A.P., Jha,P.C., (2010). “Knowledge Management: Making it happen for business organization, AURA, ISM Ranchi, ISSN:0976-7622,vol ,7 No.1 &2, ,pp.42-49.
  2. Sinha.A.P.,, Baul Utpal, (2008)., Managing Technology in A Large Scale Public Sector Organization, The Alternative Vol.II,No:1&2,.pp 90-118.

International Conference (Presented Paper)

  1. Sinha.A.P. (2018). “Effective Management of Technology and its productivity in Open Cast Coal  Mining Industry with special reference to Central Coalfields Limited. Third “International Conference on Facets of Business Excellence - FOBE 2018” at  Institute of Management Technology,  Ghaziabad.
  2. Sinha.A.P. Roy. Supriyo., (2016), “Technological Innovation in Indian Coal Mining Sector: Effectiveness vs. Efficiency”, organized by Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad, published by Emerald.
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National Conference (Presented Paper)


1. Asthana. Kumar., Sinha. Anand, Prasad. (2019). A Comparative Study of Attitude and Job  Satisfaction of Male Female Teachers in NCR, Delhi.  “National Conference on Paradigm Shift in Management Practices for Fostering Excellence” (PSMPFE-2019) organized by New Delhi Institute of Management Studies, New Delhi on 2nd &3rd Feb 2019, pp.131-137.

  Member of Professional Bodies

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